Like a scent that evokes a mixture of past feelings, my pieces take shape from the wistful magnetism of nostalgia. My artwork is a representation of my cultural influences, an expression of the soul that beckons my hands to create.

     The dualistic symbolism seen in many of my pieces is meant to reflect the artistic influences in which I was raised. The vibrant tapestry of colors used by the indigenous people of Panama, ancient pre-Columbian artifacts, and the vast animal species of the tropics, coalesce to inform and influence my style.

     The elemental forms and animals found in the dense rain forests of Central America inspire me. The colorful and fascinating creatures unique to the jungles of Panama, especially large predatory birds, provide the perfect fodder.

     My sculptures begin as raw sketches, seeds planted in my subconscious from memories that have begun to blossom into longings that prompt me to give them form through the ancient technique of coil building. Their roots entrench themselves into the fertile soil of imagination and nostalgia, from which each piece stems, and slowly comes to life.